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How to provide Delegate Access from Godaddy Account?

Delegate access from Godaddy is a good feature where you can allow limited access of your account to the person for a company working on your website or setting up your email, CMS, SSL, or CDN.

Now if you send your Godaddy account login access to someone and they try to log in, Godaddy sends a verification code your the account’s holder’s mobile which expires after a while.

To avoid this hassle and bypass, the Godaddy 2 factor authenticate better so provide delete access to your IT support team or web developer so they can easily access your access from their Godaddy account without going into the verification process.

You can invite the freelancer or your development agency to access your GoDaddy product in your account. Go Daddy’s “Delegation” feature allows you to access and use your product, but you cannot view or change your account information, such as payment methods or passwords.

  1. Please go to your GoDaddy’s Account Settings. If you already logged in then please follow step two, otherwise, log in.
  2. Click Delegate Access from the navigation
  3. To invite someone to access your account, click the Invite People button.
  4. Please enter the Name of the person you are inviting and their email address, in the following screenshot data is a dummy.
  5. Select the access levels you want to share. Mostly “Products & Domains” is all mostly developers or IT Support Companies require. If you are not sure what to do please read GoDaddy’s explanation of access levels on their website.
  6. Click Invite. Go Daddy will send them an email invitation to access your account. Once they accept, they will let you know.
  7. These instructions may vary in the future. Here is the article link to GoDaddy’s article on Delegate Access:

Conclusion: In case of any issue call Godaddy Support for more help.