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Why Upwork is Banning Freelancers?

As you can see, in 2022, Upwork is almost under scammers’ attack where every 3rd job is a scam.

You might have seen; in scam jobs, scammers are asking to send an email with personal information for the interviews.

Some share WhatsApp or telegram numbers to contact them.

Communicating outside the Upwork is a term violation that newbies don’t know.

Sometimes a requirement file is attached; when you open it, you are asked to contact them by email or phone.


Check if the Client’s Payment method is verified.


Check client history; most of the time, they don’t have any work history.


Try to keep the initial conversation on Upwork.


Please don’t send your personal information like email, phone, or bank details.


Request client to do an interview on Upwork; now we have the zoom feature too.


Ask some questions about the project to understand the requirement; mostly, scammers are unable to reply to those questions as they don’t know the technical part of the jobs and mostly, they copy-paste the requirements that were given to them.